Rockettheme Joomla themes release for June

Versatility is the fantastic new addition to the RocketTheme Joomla Template Club for June. Versatility is aptly named because this is the most flexible and versatile template available for Joomla today. It features an astonishing 14 module positions all of which are fully collapsible to provide the most creative layouts imaginable.

The ability to be used in either a narrow or wide fixed width as well as a fluid width provides even more options. Combine this with the ability to configure different header/toolbar/footer colors it won’t be hard to create that unique look you are looking for.

Just check out this summary of the great features you can expect to find with this release:

40 built-in color combinations - by allowing the separate configuration of header, toolbar, and footer, Versatility can be configured in 40 different color configuration right out-of-the-box!

Exclusive RTSplitMenu menu that provides a hierarchical menu structure that knows where you are in the menu structure.

The same instant & persistent CSS Style Changer from Fire that uses PHP and cookies to provide a much cleaner experience than existing Javascript based solutions.

3 width variations built-in to support 800×600 and 1024×768+ screen resolutions as well as a 100% width, fluid option.

Every one of the 14 module position is fully collapsible for the most flexible layout options possible.

Interested? Go join the club at Rockettheme for $50.

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