Joomlashack are back

I thought Joomlashack where gone and never to be seen again and as I was trawling through my spam folder last night, I saw an email from them. Have they resurrected or did they just go quiet on us?

I'm not sure but either way, I clicked over to their website and sure enough, they've still creating themes for Joomla and the image above is their latest theme.

It's called Tripod and your first instinct, that it's a theme for photographers wouldn't be wrong, but with all themes for Joomla these days, they can be pretty much used for anything, so don't think just because like me you're a horrible photographer, that you can't use it.

Click here for a demo or more information

What you get from Joomlashack

  • The theme install file
  • Installation and configuration support and advice
  • Source Graphics (but in most cases not the placeholder images) used to create the template, allowing easy customisation of graphics
  • A guarantee the theme will work as promised with default Joomla, and that bugs in this template if found will be fixed in a timely manner
  • Access to the Community Forum for help with template setup, customisation and Joomla usage
  • Access to updates and support for 1 year after the date of purchase

And seeing as Joomlashack had vanished as far as I'm concerned I've got to tell you I'm a little new with these guys, but I'm going to go sign up and see what they've got to offer. I recently signed up to another club not so long ago and I have to tell you that the support wasn't great.

Support for me is one of the driving factors to Joomle theme and extension clubs, and if it isn't up to a standard that would be considered acceptable, I'm very soon not going to have a problem telling people.

But more on that another time. If you're a fan of Joomlashack and they were good in the day, then you'll like this. The guarantee above form them says that with standard Joomla content it works, but these days, you want your Joomla site to do quite a bit more and that for me is the test. I will report back. Until then ....

Click here for a demo or more information

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