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It feels like such a long time since I put a post up on here but I have a feeling things are going to start to change soon and I'm starting my change with this. RocketTheme came up with something that deserves a mention, not that every month it doesn't deserve a mention but this month is a little nice.

I must admit to being a big RocketTheme fan and I became a member for Blogtopia, which was the second theme they released a good few years ago and still one of my favourites, when put into context, but last month I started to use someone else which is why I'm going to start posting on here a little more.

It's not that I haven't used other providers, I've used mostly all of them but it has been a while and things are really changing quite quickly in the world of themes for Joomla.

The providers are basically making it hard for you to leave, in so much that all the frameworks are so feature rich but they're also making it quite complicated. I'm a regular guy that has a few websites and the new framework I tried last week is something I don't want to have to go through again any time soon.

And it isn't just them or RocketTheme, pretty much everyone has a framework of sorts these days and when you invest time into it, you want to commit. I like Gantry from RocketTheme a lot and I also like the framework I played with last week, not as much, but still, it was really nice.

Anyway, I've gone way off topic. This post is about the new theme from RocketTheme and it reminds me of that one pager they came out with a while ago.

Click here for a demo or more information

Themes features

  • Joomla 2.5 & Joomla 3.1 Compatible
  • Responsive Layout
  • 8 Preset Styles
  • 88 Module Positions
  • 8 Styled & Numerous Structural Module Suffixes
  • RokSprocket Integrated Styling
  • Optimised for RokBooster
  • HTML5 Canvas Charts (Modern browsers & IE9+)
  • Powerful Gantry 4 Framework
  • DropDown Menu & Splitmenu
  • Custom Content Typography
  • FF, Safari, Chrome, Opera, IE8+ Compatible

Click here for a demo or more information

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