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A lot of theme providers these days dont add anything other than the theme and these days, themes are so easy to customise and there are so many modules that sometimes, you're looking at something and you start searching for something to get excited about. Not today.

Joomla Bamboo have come up with something that made me think 'oh yes' and it's called Collector. You have to look at it but also understand this isn't a theme that you're going to use a lot of, it's a theme you're going to keep for yourself.

Click here for a demo

The key thing is the timeline that shows items from your social stream from across a number of social media networks. It's like everything rolled into one place. It's like your own About page but yours and better and nicer and something you can control.


  • Slick jQuery timeline to show items from your social stream across a number of popular social media networks
  • Optimised for Zentools which now allows you target image sizes across a number of different devices
  • Responsive Joomla template scales to fit your browser or mobile device
  • Social icons now using font icons to improve load time
  • Combination of 24 colour hilites plus 18 texture and banner styles to create your own design
  • Zenkit K2 template overrides which bring the power of Zentools to your K2 content
  • Compatible with our responsive Jomsocial template
  • Unified Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 2.5 package

It is actually one of those themes that I would be instantly downloading if I didn't have a pile of work on.

Click here for a demo or more information.

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