I'm getting busier and busier and updates to this page are always on my list, it's just that it always gets bumped and for that I can only apologise. You guys also know all about the new themes as soon as I do, so I've sort of decided to change the way news gets posted here.

Big news will get posted as normal, but a theme release from one of the companies I follow isn't really news. News is a new framework or a new module or extension. It's not massive, but that is what is interesting.

So instead, the monthly post will be a name and a link and a quick overview from me. No scores, as they're all good, but a quick, cheeky line.

In October

Graffito from RocketTheme - this is a nice theme built on the fourth version of the Gantry Framework. Lots of options as usual, responsive and very fast, considering.

New Vision from Shape 5 - I often think that Shape 5 get overlooked by the Joomla world but I'm a big fan. They have everything the other providers have and 'it just works' everytime.

Ascent from Joomla Bamboo - now this one looks special. Not special in a special way, but in a traditional, it does what it is supposed to do special. I'd highly recommend a look.

Anyway, that is October. And if you're a theme provider, please send in a link to your latest theme so we can do the same with you next month.

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