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There are lazy people, lazy gits and then me. It isn't that I've not seen the latest theme from Shape 5 or even the latest theme from Joomla Bamboo, I have, it's just that I've been playing with a new toy and trying to get some guttering up and trying to get my two year old to leave the terrible two stage and enter the terrible threes stage, which I managed successfully last weekend.

So I apologise for very few posts the last few weeks, it's just that you all know when the themes come out from these guys and my reviews are fairly one sided - I write about these guys because they are the best of the Joomla themes providers.

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But, I'm taking a few minutes to mention this new one from Shape 5 because someone asked me about it and all I'm going to tell you is this; Vertex framework (so you know it's responsive if you want it to be and easy to manage), bags and bags of modules and very easily tailorable.

Now, I know that wasn't hard and one day someone is going to start a themes club on the back of these frameworks and then there will be trouble, but until that day comes, Shape 5 are making it easy for you ... as long as you stay up to date with your Joomla.

Themes features

  • S5 Vertex framework platform
  • Optional responsive layout
  • Responsive hide classes
  • 91 collapsible core theme positions plus 4 mobile positions
  • 5 custom module suffixes
  • Enable/Disable lowercase letters
  • Custom highlight color, changes all colors, gradients, etc by choosing 1 colour
  • Custom background image applied to top and bottom of site
  • S5 Flex Menu integrated
  • Choose fluid or fixed theme widths
  • Max body width
  • Custom column, page and row widths
  • Mobile device support
  • Designed with CSS3 - Limited support for IE7 and IE8 through PIE
  • RTL language support
  • and loads and loads more

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