Paradox from RocketTheme

Themes are like sweets and you've just entered the largest sweetshop in Europe. You will have your favourites and you'll have some you've never tried and you can, if you are that way inclined mix and match.

I'm a fan of mix and match too, which is a bonus because themes these days are not like the themes I remember when I was a kid; there are so many flavours and mix and match isn't what it used to be.

It isn't just about the flavours though, although this new theme from the labs of RocketTheme comes with eight ready made flavours, it is about how the sweets are made. This particular sweet and a lot of the more recent sweets from RocketTheme are made with the help of Gantry - the Willy Wonka of Joomla themes.

You should all know about Gantry, it's the engine that powers all the latest themes from RT and a lot of the extensions, it's almost becoming a must have for Joomla installations. It is very much in our list of Joomla theme providers to look at when thinking of a new Joomla site.

But it isn't just the Gantry framework, it is all the extensions and the ability to manage everything very easily, but go look at the new theme here.

Themes Features

  • Scrolling Module Rows
  • K2 Styling
  • 8 Preset Styles
  • High, Medium or Low Background Levels
  • High or Low Body Levels
  • Fusion with MegaMenu
  • Triple Level Splitmenu
  • Gantry Framework
  • 70 Module Positions
  • 16 Module Variations - 25 Combo Possibilities
  • FF 3.6, Safari 4, Opera 10.x, IE7-IE8 Compatible
  • Limited IE6 Browser Compatibility
  • W3C XHTML 1.0 / CSS 3 Valid

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