I'm just an old fashioned bloke. I like a beer on a Friday and I'm also partial to a little whiskey every now and then. I mention this because one of my favourite themes ever created for Joomla, was MacPhoria and this theme reminds me of that that one.

MacPhoria came out in 2005 and looks a lot like this new one from RocketTheme, for me anyway. I liked MacPhoria because it was simple, very clean and focused on the content.

This site does all that but a lot more. It is built on Gantry so you have pretty much unlimited modules and as long as you want to put in the time, loads of module variations - although it comes with 13, so you probably don't need to.

But, it is packed with so many extensions and extras that this site really is ready for anything you want and you've got some great features too. I won't go into detail, but just remember these words if you do decide to play; NewsPager, Stories, Search, Nav, Box, Candy, GZipper, Tabs and Pad - you might not know what I mean by mentioning those words, but you will if you are a member of RocketTheme or you are going to start using it.

Some of the features

  • Gantry Framework
  • 10 Preset Styles
  • RTL Support
  • RT Extensions Styling
  • Custom Typography
  • Javascript Form Styling
  • Fusion Menu
  • Triple Level Splitmenu
  • 13 Module Variations
  • 68 Module Positions
  • FF3.6, Opera, Safari 4, IE7,8 Compatible
  • Limited IE6 Support
  • W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional. W3C CSS 3 Valid

I don't say this often, maybe once or twice a year, but I'm using this theme on a new site I'm working on called Sweenglish, which is going to be a blog in English about things in Sweden - it just works and was exactly what I was looking for.

For more information or a demo or to get your hands on this theme click here.

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