Verdant Joomla Theme

My wife tells me I am usually very quick to get things done but I must admit, today, I am late getting news out of this new theme from JoomlaShack and I apologise, but it is worth the wait.

Basically, it is a very clean theme, built for 'flexibility and versatility', styled to work with K2 and made very easy to change things about. It also uses optimised CSS3 styles that degrade gracefully when needed and includes a new JoomlaShack feature to choose between static look-feel or a full look-feel.

It is also built using the 960 grid concept, has five bundled themes and light and dark options for each of those themes and comes with a pure CSS Suckerfish Dropdown Menu System.

Some of the above and a few more of the features

  • 5 Bundled Color Themes
  • Light and Dark Options for Every Colour Style
  • Static or Full Width Option
  • K2 Content Styling
  • Typography
  • SEO-ready
  • Multiple Layouts - Middle column flexible
  • 960 Grid Powered
  • W3C Valid Overrides
  • EZ SEO optimised header
  • Graphic Source Files
  • Super Fast Loading
  • SEO Source Ordered
  • Over 30 Module Positions in 4 Variations
  • Pure CSS Suckerfish Dropdown Menu System
  • Valid XHTML & CSS

For a demo or more information click here.

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