Fanboy from JP

JoomlaPraise are calling this theme their coolest theme to date and when a creator puts that tag on something, you have to take a look.

Now, coolest is a word that when you use to describe something that isn't something you have made, is an opinion. When you use it on something that is something you have made and you say it is the coolest you have ever made, you have to ask yourself why they would say that. So, you click here for a demo or read on and I will enlighten you, or try to anyway.

Basically, Fanboy is a theme that works not only for Joomla, but K2 and JomSocial. Now, K2 is very much what Joomla should be offering and probably one day will in the future and if you are going to be building a new site any time soon that is going to be content driven is basically the first thing you should be installing. Having a theme work with K2 is a real bonus.

JomSocial is one of those things that you have to think long and hard about when installing and not only because it costs lots of money, but is it something that is going to really take off, when you already have Facebook and the ability to create your own groups or pages and the likes of Ning, that do a fantastic job but take all the hassle away.

But, if you decide to pay the money for JomSocial and work through it, you are likely going to want a theme that basically makes it look like it is really part of your site and I guess that is why this is the coolest theme JoomlaPraise have released - it does it all and comes with five themes included and the source files, so you can make your own too.

Some of the themes features

  • 5 Gorgeous Themes
  • Detailed Adobe Fireworks Layered Artwork
  • 24 Module Positions
  • 960 Grid Layout
  • 1-3 Column Layouts
  • Collapsible Modules
  • Left and/or Right Sidebar
  • Typography Styles
  • 10 Built-in Social Icons Options
  • JomSocial Latest Member Module "Shelf" Styles
  • K2 CSS Styles (NOT included and is a free download)
  • PraiseMenu2 Compatibility
  • PraiseSlides2 Compatibility

Click here to visit JoomlaPraise.

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