One month you get an entire new engine from RocketTheme to manage your site, the next month they upgrade to version 2.0 and while it hasn't changed - the Gantry Framework has just got bigger and you now have more features and more options and it is ultimately much much better than what you got the month before. Imagine what we are going to get to add to it next month!

Now, seeing as this site is about the theme, I have to mention the new one. It's called Dominion, it has preset styles, loads of menu options, loads of module positions and the ability to add loads and loads more - basically, it's very nice. It also comes with the source files so you can make it look like anything you want.

There really isn't much to say about the theme that you wouldn't have come to expect from RocketTheme and all the extensions you can get with them. It looks fantastic. The focus has to be the Gantry Framework and version two.

Now, things are changing all the time with Gantry. It started as one, they are now on two and they are talking about 3 and releasing the engine as a 100% GPL project any day now, so what I'm about to list might not all be in version two - it could be that they come out tomorrow or the day after - but changes are coming.

These are either getting released in version two or three of the Gantry Framework:

  • Built-in CSS style & JavaScript compression system
  • phpDoc Gantry classes for better documentation
  • More configuration options in regard to feature ordering
  • Support for 'per-menu' layout configuration
  • Support for saving parameters as presets
  • 960 Grid - 16 column support
  • Cleanup in Joomla overrides
  • Speed optimizations in the Positions parameter element
  • Awesome RTL support
  • Feature toggle to disable ?tp=1 support on production sites
  • General speed and caching optimizations

Click here for a demo or more information.

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