Clan extension included with theme

Are you a gamer? More importantly do you run a gaming website? If you do and you just so happen to run Joomla or you are looking to create a new site, then this theme from Shape 5 could be for you.

I've not actually seen a dedicated gaming site for a while and although this is set up as a gaming site, which comes with a new extension for to roster your clan, it doesn't need to be, but it is so easy these days to find a theme that does exactly what you want that when the site is set up this way, it is easier to just keep it that way, although don't be put off using it for other type sites.

This one comes with twenty-five module positions, fading or non fading background images and all module positions are fully collapsible - which is a feature often overlooked by some but also very important.

But enough from me, click here for a demo.

Some but not all of the features include:

  • 100% tableless CSS
  • Validates with XHTML 1.0 Transitional
  • Validates with CSS Level 3
  • Joomla 1.5 compatible
  • SQL dump available
  • Fading or Non-Fading Background Images
  • Fixed or Fluid Background
  • 25 module positions
  • New! S5 Clan Roster Extension
  • Module edits: S5 Accordion Menu, S5 Live Search, S5 Box, S5 Image Set Rotator
  • Sliced PSDs included
  • Site Shaper available (Joomla install that includes demo data)
  • Fully collapsible module positions
  • Set background images and colour via parameters
  • Lytebox enabled
  • Tool Tips enabled
  • 5 Menu systems

Click here for a demo or more information.

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