RocketTheme don't do things by half. Their philosophy isn't that the glass is half empty, but half full. They don't pay for drinks, they get them served. RocketTheme don't just do themes, RocketTheme do direction.

Why am I getting excited? Well, it's because there is something new to play with and I'm not going to do it justice. I know I'm not going to give it a fair crack of the whip, because even now, 12 hours after the release, I've still not fully got it.

I understand it and I can see the point and I've already downloaded and I'm already playing (you'll love the admin interface) but there is just too much for me to explain, so I will do my best to summarise.

The theme looks lovely, you have all the styling options and you have all the usual extras you get with a RocketTheme theme and you also get integration with JComments this month, which if you didn't know is an active comments system (not having a poke here at anyone), but you also get the Gantry Framework and that is where I'm going to try to explain, but really, honest to God in the sky, you have to go play yourself to really see the potential.

The Gantry Framework is basically something that RocketTheme are going to use from this day forward when they release all new themes. It uses the 960 grid system so you have consistent layouts. In essence you could have 3 modules at the top and seven levels below another three modules, but they'll all line up and they will all be coming from the same system, but that isn't it, it is so much more.

As of today, this theme comes with 65 module positions and if you want to add another 300, it is easy with the framework that RocketTheme have developed.

The theme also comes with 36 possible combinations for the layout of the mainbody and sidebars and you are not building them for each module - you are creating them for the framework - so you can build it once and then put it in any module position. It comes with 36 - but you can build another 300.

Basically, it is hugely increased flexibility and maybe too much for some people if I'm honest, as sometimes you don't need all this, but the beauty is, you don't have to have it all, it's just a framework. You could just pick one of the included styles that come with the site and then pick, as standard, the simple background, so the site is basically a simple layout - but you still have the flexibility of the vast amount of modules.

But, I must now go. You might have guessed, I'm busy playing with this now and one of the things I'm doing is stripping the theme down, just so I actually know this one properly - it should be fun.

  • Gantry Framework
  • 6 Style Variations
  • 18 Background Combinations
  • RT Extensions Styling
  • JComments Styling
  • Custom Typography
  • Javascript Form Styling
  • Fusion Menu & SplitMenu
  • 3 Module Variations
  • Over 60 Module Positions
  • FF3.5, Opera 9.6, Safari 4, IE6,7,8 Compatible
  • W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional. W3C CSS 3 Valid

Click here for a demo or more information.

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