960 grid system from Joomlashack

I like Joomlashack themes. I don´t like the time you have to wait to get to see a new one and having just scanned this new one it just confirms that view.

In fact, I´ll go so far to say that it will be getting purchased even if it doesn´t end up getting used straight away as it´s a great theme and one I think something I am working on needs.

But that is just my view, we need to look at the theme.

It is called JS eBusiness, is built using the 960 grid system, has lots of white space which became popular then went away but I´ve always liked and is coming back, is optimised for search engines and the source code is ordered.

Bottom line; a very clean, fast loading, professional and up to date looking theme that would work well for almost any type of site but think tech blog, think corporate, think news site wanting some good ad placement positions and think basically anything, there is loads of potential.

Some of the themes features:

  • SEO-ready
  • Typography
  • 960 Grid Powered
  • Multiple Layouts
  • SEO-Header
  • Flexible Modules
  • Source Ordered
  • 30 day Guarantee
  • W3C Valid Overrides
  • Fast Loading
  • Suckerfish Menu
  • Graphic Source Files

Anyway, go have a look by clicking here; it is well worth it.

It appears you can not buy this theme yet from the Joomlashack website, but it will be coming very soon.

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