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Joomla Bamboo have released Praise Me, a new theme for Joomla that is inspired by the Simple Praise theme from Joomla Praise. This theme business appears to be getting quite incestuous, doesn't it.

Basically, this month Joomla Bamboo are mixing up a Joomla Praise theme and Joomla Praise are mixing up a Joomla Bamboo one. Not sure what I think about this, but it is done, so you can go look and get if you want.

The theme is a two or three column blog 'folio' style theme with some quite innovative overrides, elegant styling and some rich background options that will help you to create that perfect blog or folio site. If you like peacocks, you'll like this theme.

Included if you want is a new version of the captifyContent module, a choice of Superfish or 'panel' menus and huge range of CSS classes. There are also 22 module positions and quite a lot of backend options so you can change the colours and layout.

Theme Features

  • Suited for use with our prettySlider, prettybox, minimoo2 and Slideshow3 gallery modules
  • jQuery captifyContent module
  • jQuery Superfish Suckerfish menu
  • jQuery accordion-like panel menu
  • 22 Different background themes
  • 22 Menu Styles
  • Extensive Theme Overrides
  • jQuery belated PNG Fix for ie6 - updated to v0.08
  • Simple typography plus some edgy crumpled paper icons
  • Requires the JB Library Plugin
  • 49 Module positions
  • All jQuery scripts run in no conflict mode
  • Full PNG source files included
  • XHTML and CSS valid

Click here for a demo or more information.

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