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Virtuemart is a beast when it comes to Joomla and it needs a lot of love and attention but spend that time putting in the hours and you will be rewarded.

For a while, it used to be that you had to put in the extra time styling up the extension to make it really work with your site and trust me, that was horrible. Maybe not horrible, but you always wondered why it couldn't be easier.

But times, they are a-changing with everyone now releasing themes for Joomla that include styling for Virtuemart and not for the first time I think, TemplatePlazza are releasing a theme for Joomla that comes bundled with Virtuemart and a theme.

The thing I like about this theme is they've included a drag and drop feature for the shopping cart. Add to that that the Virtuemart theme does look nice, it's just a nice added bonus.

Take away the Virtuemart theme and you've also got a really nice theme just for Joomla and it's becoming important, I think anyway, to stress that when you visit these theme providers and you see this huge website with loads of extensions included and loads of features, that you don't have to use them.

It can be just a case of you use the standard theme and don't turn on any of the features or don't actually install them and this one from TemplatePlazza is one of those that you could pretty much use for anything.

Anyway, I rumble on, click here for a demo or more information or even to sign up and download.

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