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I don't like to make bold statements generally, mostly because you set yourself up for a fall.

I can however understand why Alledia have, as I've searched for two days trying to find a faster theme for Joomla, but I can't.

I think Alledia might actually have the fastest theme, for the moment.

The thing is with bold statements like this is it might not last for very long and also some might argue that the theme isn't loaded with anything and that when you load it with something or strip down some other themes, it might not be the fastest any more, but for the moment, off the shelf, I think I can actually say that it is the fastest.

I have a feeling, like I've said that I'll be saying it about another theme now fairly soon, but that is for another day.

The theme is called Breeze, comes in quite a few colours and quite a few module positions and Alledia guarantee that there will be zero conflict with any Joomla extension installed. So, you can sort of feel confident that you can load into this theme anything you want and it will work.

Some of the Breeze Advantages

  • Compressed CSS
  • 2 image files, both optimised
  • SEO-friendly source ordered content
  • No hidden links
  • No bloated code
  • No conflicts with other extensions
  • No use of Joomla's huge, slow Javascript file

Don't think it is the fastest? Click here to try for yourself.

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