Social Networking theme but not about you

I'm only playing with words again but it is what I though straight away. Isn't it where bad children go, to a social home? Anyway, I've probably got it wrong, but it's the new theme from TemplatePlazza and you can get more of it from here.

This new theme for Joomla 1.5 and is specifically for people that want to get all their feeds and status in one page. The theme also comes with a new component, TPSocial and module, which will basically aggregate all your feeds from places like Twitter and put them all nicely on one website.

So, instead of just having all of these websites where you update your status, you're still going to have them, but your friends will now be able to go to one website, yours, where they'll get all the information they need on your current whereabouts, what you had for breakfast lunch and dinner yesterday and what you are reading or what just made you LOL.

I'm joking, it's a nice idea. I might even use it. But before I go, here are some of the features, but not all:

  • Joomla Compatibility for 1.5.x
  • User guide
  • Source Psd Files
  • Browser Compatibility: Firefox, IE7, IE6, Opera, Safari, Chrome
  • TPSocial + Module
  • 4 Design Variations
  • 9 Font Sytles
  • 3 Font Size
  • 2 Orientation Styles
  • TP Menu (Dropdown, Dropcolumn, Dropline, Dolphin)
  • Lightbox Effect
  • 24 Fully Collapsible Module Positions
  • Tableless Design
  • Valid XHTML / CSS
  • GZip Loader
  • IE6 Png Fix

Click here for a demo or more information.

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