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I woke this morning expecting a few practical jokes and when I saw an email about this template from RocketTheme I thought this was it. Nobody could create a template like this for real, but they have. $75 and you get this along with 19 more and a further 11 during the lifetime of your membership!

It's not a joke and you can have this template by popping over to RocketTheme and joining the club.

Technopia is a very clean design that really shows off the power of Joomla!. This month RocketTheme has implemented some new features never before seen in a Joomla template; the first item which you will notice is the brand new completely custom CSS driven horizontal menu.

This menu is based on the RocketTheme suckerfish menu system, but has been modified to support this horizontal layout. As with other RocketTheme menu systems like RTSplitMenu and RTSuckerfish, this new RTSuperSucker menu system maintains the top-level active state when you select a menu item in the second level.

Another feature is the MooFX "accordian" module block on the side of the main content area. This allows you to stack lots of modules into this area while retaining valuable real estate and white-space in your layout.

It’s more than just dazzling good looks, it’s practical to boot!

Technopia is also a pure CSS template that uses no tables to control the layout, this allows for increased performance and better SEO capabilities. This template comes with 3 color variations built in, 2 width choices, and the option to flip the template from left to right orientation.

Full Details of Technopia at

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