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JoomlaJunkie have gone and released Aurora and Extreme Blogger Lite. The lite version of extreme blogger doesn't mean you get anything less; it's basically just a lite colour scheme.

A little more, not much we're afraid, can be found on the Extreme Bologger theme here, we're going to concentrate today on the new offering.

It's basically got quite a few options, which you'd expect from Joomla Junkie but hey've added something called Tatami. Tatami is a component from NinJoomla and basically it allows you to control all your configurable options in one place.

It's free, for anbyone downlaoding the theme from JoomlaJunkie; not a bad piece of marketing and if it's as good as the guys at JoomlaJunkie say then well worth it.

Some, but not all of the options:

  • Component level configurable sidebar (default = left + content, blog = content + right, etc).
  • Mix and Match Module Suffixes Plus you can apply the various opacity options to any module that has "module suffix" support.
  • Out of box install
  • 5 normal & 2 intelli module positions (expanding up to 10) giving you a total of 15 module positions!
  • Fully xhtml & css validated and compliant.
  • 4 Level Superfish Menu System
  • Multiple layout options (on a component level)
  • Detailed style guide with tutorials coming soon on how to use most effectively!
  • Semantic markup / seperation of presentation and content
  • Super comprehensive setup guide
  • Template Source included
  • Fully compatible IE6, IE7, Safari 2, Firefox 1.5+ (mac +win), Opera

Click here to get more information or a demo.

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