Pixelparadise release another template for Joomla and Mambo

Pixelsparadise.com have released MP Fayen, a general purpose fixed width (optimized for 1024x768 or more) Joomla and Mambo template with a lot of flexible module positions.

You can use it for online shops as well as blogs, business pages or online magazines. The template based on a three columns layout, but the third column disappears of you don´t publish a module on module position "right"; important if you want to display some bigger content items on certain (sub-)pages.

The template package includes three stand-alone versions of MP Fayen in three different colors: red, green and orange. The package also includes the used .psd Photoshop source files for the four color versions, 20 ready made header images for your random image module, the .psd file to create your own header image and 42 small (120x120) "wet floor" images to pimp up your content and articles.

The template provides 11 different module positions:user1, user2, user3, user5, user6, user7, user8, user9, left, right and banner.

MP Fayen can be used with Mambo 4.5.1+ and all available Joomla versions. The template comes without any tables and based on XTHML 1.0/CSS 2.0 valid code.

Visit the MP Fayen product page or the MP Fayen preview page here.

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