Nostalgia Joomla Themes is pleased to bring you Nostalgia! Reaching into the past yet employing cutting-edge design concepts, Nostalgia is sure to be a hit! Check out the demo and get your copy of this great template for the low price of only $35.

The "good old days" are back with a modern twist. Corner tabs, cloth scraps and scotch tape - now that's Nostalgia! This template, like all our templates, is highly configurable.

Like the great albums of days gone by, the collapsible module sectors of Nostalgia have corner tabs and in four different colors! Easily changed via the index.php configuration, the corner tabs can be dark, silver, brass or red.

Nostalgia has 13 module positions that are all collapsible and can be skinned with any of the 7 module types, or you can use the standard module scheme.

Layout options include fixed or fluid; you can set either a percentage or a number of pixels and this 'smart' template will auto-adjust to fit. Percentage based is nice because whether you have one, two or three columns displaying, your visitor will always view things relative to the percentage of their monitor's resolution. Fixed is cool, because you set it and it always keeps that exact aspect. This is truly ultimate flexibility.

A unique inset position, also fully collapsible, looks like a cool semi-transparent piece of cloth stuck on with scotch tape. It comes in just the right size for your login or a small menu, but can be modified in the source to fit whatever your needs are.

Some of the other options include:

-Your choice of menu! - SuperSucker on top, SuckerFish above or below the header.
-Show or Hide the font-sizer (in content area).
-Randomly chosen header image from as many images as you indicate!

Pure Joomla! - "Keep it Pure!".

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