PureJoomla release Sublime

SUBLIME... that's the name of Pure Joomla!'s newest offering to the world of high-end, sophisticated template design.

For a limited time only we will be offering SUBLIME for only $25 - that's a 50% discount!!! An incredible value for the cost-concious and quality-concious!

Of course, we'll also provide the original .PNGs with so you designers can customize SUBLIME.

With so many configurable options, this could be the only template you'll ever need. Here's a brief overview of the features that make this template truly SUBLIME... 

  • NO TABLES - Recognizing the importance of using pure css for layout concepts, we've built SUBLIME from the bottom-up with absolutely zero tables! SUBLIME is completely cross-browser compatible - all of the features have been tested on and found to work beautifully on IE, FF, and Opera. 
  • Ultimate Flexibility - set SUBLIME up for either a percentage-based OR a fixed-width pixel-based layout, it adjusts all modules automatically.
  • Transparent Page Corners in 3 shapes! - a long-awaited option, now realized. Simply set your template config to either round, square or angle and you've got it!
  • Module Types - We've included 11 distinct module types, each borrowing from the overall color scheme of the template. You can choose either squared or rounded corners for the types.
  • Module Positions - With an astounding 15 fully collapsible module positions, SUBLIME is ready for your mods. Now you can achieve just the look you want!
  • SuperSucker, SuckerFish or Standard Joomla! Menu System - the choice is yours.
  • There's just too much to put in words - <<CHECK OUT THE DEMO>> and see for yourself!

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