Free Joomla Themes

Free K2 theme

JoomplaPraise have released a free theme for Joomla and the K2 framework from JoomlaWorks and may I be the first to say thank you and well done.

The theme is an upgrade of a previous theme, with a much cleaner design, new code and lots more in terms of compatibility.

It also comes with fourteen different colour combinations and with the added bonus of it working out of the box with the K2 CCK - it is definitely worth downloading and playing with.

You also get the Adobe Fireworks source images and some, but not all of the features are:

  • K2 CCK Compatibility
  • 14 Colour Combinations (2 themes and 7 menu colors)
  • Light or Dark Themes
  • Includes Adobe Fireworks Layered Artwork
  • 14 Module Positions
  • 960 Grid Layout
  • 1-3 Column Layouts
  • Collapsible Modules
  • Left and/or Right Sidebar
  • Typography Styles
  • PraiseMenu2 Compatibility
  • PraiseSlides2 Compatibility
  • Lightweight & Versatile Template

You can see a demo and get more information here, but seeing as it is free, completely up to date, you might as well download and play.