Free Joomla Themes


JoomlaPraise have just released a new theme and you would have been told earlier if I hadn't moved all my email to Google Apps Premier and my junk mail setting were not all messed up, so I apologise.

But to the theme. It has eight module positions and you can control the width of the theme but for me the most important thing when looking at this theme is the boldness of it. It stands out and if you want a site to make an clean and funky impact, then this is it.

JoomlaPraise have also included a number of HTML and CSS overrides to remake the look of their PraiseFolio and PraiseSlides extensions so everything is much cleaner.

Click here for more information and apologies for he quickness of this post, it's mostly because the wife is now four days past due date and I've got 104 things on my list of things to do before she drops.