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Fast and free admin theme

Fast, a word I'm going to use a bit today, on the heels of the fastest ever front end theme for Joomla, JoomlaPraise have released AdminPraise Lite, the fastest ever administrator theme for Joomla.

If you haven't yet tried a theme for the back end of Joomla then this is an ideal opportunity for you, because not only will it speed up how you work, make all a little more organised, it is also free!

The theme comes literally packed with features and I could list them all here so I will, but if you want more detail you should click here to download your own copy and for more details on each of them as I'm only giving you the title - but is should be enough to get an idea.

  • Totally Free & GPL
  • Color Overrides
  • Elastic Layout
  • Switch or Hide Sidebar
  • Quick Add
  • Session Bar
  • My Editor
  • User Activity Stream

Like I said, click here for a demo and to download and a pat on the back for the guys at JoomlaPraise, as they don't have to give stuff away for free.